Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jesus, let's go!

Personal Sunday Notes - 29 June 2014

It doesn't mean that if you feel bad that it is going to be a bad day. Don't let your feelings bully you. Say, "this is the day The Lord has made, I will rejoice n be glad in it... Jesus, let's go!"

The ability to interpret is wisdom! Learn to say no to temptation as it gives u wisdom for the future.

Acts 14:9
A pure heart comes by faith not good works

God wants us to experience a good and rich life but what to do when we face troubles?
-Rom 5:3-4
We can glory in troubles, knowing that it produces perseverance, character and hope.
The Gospel produces perseverance and character
Especially in marriage! 

Rom 5:5 
-Introduction of the love of God and Holy Spirit for the first time
Only when u understand Christ's finished work for you that you can truly understand the love of God and the Holy Spirit's work in you

Introspection is dangerous but all of us do it. The devil is always going to come and try to make you feel bad and lousy about yourself and day. Let it go and God will take hold! 

1 John 4:17
"As Jesus is, so am I in this world"
-When we are fearful, ask if Jesus is experiencing any fear right now at the right hand of the father; if He is not. Then look to Him and experience no fear as well! 

Rom 5:5 "hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit"
-The world teaches you to always not set your hopes high because it will lead to disappointment.
- But be careful when u are conscious of God's love for you because the things that you hope will not disappoint you.

Spiritual growth is not seen by how strong you feel but seen as you see your weakness more and more and see Christ more and more as your righteousness and strength! 

Whatever life throws at you, be able to say confidently "Jesus, let's go!"

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Jesus condemns you no more

God in his love, found a way to save banish people

We need more light shinning into our situations; not more striving to improve the situation.

Don't disrespect yourself, you were meant to be fulfilled by eternal things not temporal things.

The light of the world is to know that Jesus condemns you no more!

It begins with sin in the center and then Jesus in the center!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 11

Session 11. Chris Gore. 10 Aug 13. 230pm.

Lessons from Chris Gore's journey of faith:
-Don't serve for God's love or try to earn God's love.
-God does not need us
-When we quit, God start to flow.
-Frustration and desperation doesn't lead you to fruitfulness. But it brings you to the end of yourself which will help u into fruitfulness.
-Power of stewardship. Steward of what God has given us well.
-Grace is free but the kingdom will cost you everything
On giving - Luke 6:38 "give and it shall be given to you more than you have ever gotten"

1 John 2:22
-We all already have the anointing of Jesus on us
-Impartation is putting some more gasoline on the fire that we got.

Impartation by laying of hands:
Matt 19:13 - laying on child
Mark 16:18 - impartation by laying
Acts 13:1-13 - commission by laying
Acts 19:11-12 - tangible and transferable
1 Tim 4:14 - ordination
Rom 1:11-12 - impart some spiritual gift

-Don't limit impartation to be just laying on hands.
-Learn to be humble to receive impartation from giants or people of more power

Bethel Healing School - Session 10

Session 10. 10 Aug 13. 1130am

-Pray short prayers, check it out and give praise
-the above prayer model is powerless without the relationship or the connection
-Ps 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God"
-Relax, rest and experience God.
-Just be still and know that He is God.
-It is impossible to pray without something happened.
-But then again we do keep praying for more.
-When do we stop praying? when I find myself in a striving mode.
-sometimes we just need to help people receive and the way is to get them to lose control of trying to get healed. Learn them to simply receive what has been bought already on the cross.
-Hang out with Jesus, He is our friend and loves to reveal His heart to us.
-It is not the technique but the healer.
-We have a rivers of living waters waiting to flow out!
-Supernatural is who you are. It is not what u do.
-When we feel dry, just begun to worship, prophecy and let it pour out again.
-We do not have to feel anything to pray.
-It is all about the invisible resource of heaven flowing out.
-It is not the technique but who you are in Him and you in Him.
-It is always out of rest.
Is 30:15 "Quiet and confidence should be your strength"
-How does fullness of joy look like?
-Just rest and stop when u find yourself striving.

Ministry from the presence is key!


Bethel Healing School - Session 9

Session 9. 10 Aug 13. 930am

-We don't work for love, that is postituition

Walking in humility
-Position myself to understand it is God's grace. Even faith is by God's grace
-I am the temple of God walking around revealing God
-Don't not act like an orphan eventhough we have the authority of heaven
-It is easy forget that it is all by the grace of God. Without Him, I am nothing BUT with Him I am everything!

-Jesus=Son of David
Matt 15, why Jesus ignored the gentile women?
-She was pretending to be someone that she wasn't and trying to receive something.
-She came out of the works mentality.
"Little dogs" - little dogs doesn't mean negative. It a term of endearment.
-When we come just as we are, we leave as He is.
-we don't need to pretend, we can just be ourselves
-Our hands are loaded but we need to know when to pull the trigger. Never act out of pride and the spirit of the arrogance.
-Serve the church and the Pastor's vision with what you have learned and do not force or try to correct the pastor.
-A spirit of humility is different of a spirit of unworthiness. Jesus has made us all worthy
-Come boldly to receive healing base on the merits of Jesus.
-It is the pleasure of the Father to give us the kingdom. Luke 12:32

Bethel Healing School - Session 8

Session 8. 9 Aug 13. 730pm.

-We are the revival walking around.

-The possibility of a miracle happens when we hear testimony.

-Don't not partner with the lying symptoms that appears after the healing has taken place

-Healing is a gift forever and God will not take it back!

-God just loves to do miracles.

-In thinking about timing of God's healing, remember God is outside time!

-God's original plan was for us to rule and have dominion. Do not allow the Devil to come and plant doubt and succeed like he did with Eve in the garden.

-The reason why there is pain and suffering is so that we as the kingdom of priests and kings can refuse it and release joy, freedom, life and peace in this world

Bethel Healing School - Session 7

Session 7. 9 Aug 13. 230pm

Acts 10:38

Jesus never dealt with unanswered prayer because He has unlimited certainty that His prayer was always going to be answered.

Jesus never taught how to deal with unanswered prayer because He never had to deal with it.

What to do when one does not receive healing?
-Remember it is not about a man but THE man.
-It is impossible to pray without receiving an answer when we love.
-Love without power is boring and power without love is dangerous.

How not to be intellectual offended when u don't see the miracle?
-Learn to celebrate at the breakthrough of others.
-How we deal with disappointment now is how we are going to see greater things in the future.
-Good God with a good mode.
-Can't afford to get offended with God.
-Peace that surpasses understanding. Give up my right to understanding.
-The difference that makes a healing revivalist is if you are going to get up when u are knocked down.
-Remember it is not our burden so don't take it.
-Must get a greater revelation of who am i to you and I in you.

-Rather take a risk and fail than not take risk at all.

1. Ask for permission to pray
2. Bury
3. Grieve
4. Do not let myself get offended
5. Get back to the front line

Refuse to give up.

To go after all that Jesus Christ has paid for.

How to comfort someone who experienced lost?
-I don't know but I just do it is not the will of God.
-Love them, be there for them.

-Encourage them to get prayer again and at every opportunity they can. Always release life, hope and never ministering death and disappointment.

How to face disappointment when u pray and don't see?
-Don't put that person under condemnation or yourself.
-Leave the glory, failure and burden at the cross.
-Seek more. Go to the Father on your face and seek more understanding of the heart of the Father and his love for the people.

-It is ok if you don't believe because I do.

-Start a meeting by building faith. Speaking testimonies of Jesus

-Take people on the journey with Jesus and not jerk them up to your level.

How to get other's faith to rise?
-Understand we don't change their mind.
-Keep love and relationship on.

Key elements: power and love
When Peter and John met the lame man on the way, they healed Him in Jesus name.

Bethel Healing School - Session 6

Session 6 (ministry). 9 Aug 13. 130pm.

-Create space for healing to happen in the church.
-Culture of taking risk. Not a performance based culture.
-Celebrate the person who is taking the risk to pray for another.
-Celebrate the risk taken and not the result.
-Take risk beyond seeing result
-We must be exposed to impossibles
-Look at how you can encourage yourself in every season, even though I fail.
-Don't be afraid to be stand people down.
-Go to the hospital with an attitude to serve and act according to their vision.
-Position of heart is more important than the words of prayer.
-Don't take power above honor in any place. First learn to serve.
-Ensure we are ministering life and love and we are not in a devil hunting.

What are a few things u would do when u are hired to be the healing minister?
-Make sure vision comes from the senior pastor.
-Create room for God to work.

Bethel Healing School - Session 5

Session 5. 9 Aug 13. 1130am

-As we give thanks, we shift out focus onto Jesus and see more!
-To share a testimony is to give thanks!
-Testimony inspires faith not jealousy.
-Celebrate victories of others helps you see yours!

Why stuff happens? GRACE
-Grace involves action and the ability to relate.
-God wants to share His abundance with us. We have every spiritual blessings in the heavenly places!
-God has chosen to share it all with us without any of our merit.
-grace = "charis" - freely given and has it root in joy. Participation of joy. In his presence is fullness of joy. -Not to earn but to resist His grace.

-The question is how can I better receive His grace?
1. Recognize. Turn attention a s affection towards God. Believing and knowing that it is His joy to pour out on us! Partner. Just join and we don't even have to know how.
2. Praise. Connect to God with thanksgivings to anything that has changed. Child-like thanks that helps us step into His grace more.
-Giving thanks = entering communion with God. Press into the heart of God knowing there is more for me!
-This is not manipulating God but getting into all God has already planned for us.

How does testimony work?
-Giving thanks to God.
-Open doors for others to receive their miracle as well.
-Review the testimonies in your mind helps!

How excited we get when we hear a testimony?
-Cheer for more!

Cancer: 4 days, 20 mins and 1 min.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 4.

Session 4. 9 Aug 13. 930am

Practical prayer:

-Seeing people stayed heal. Keeping your healing.

Praying from heaven to earth
-Praying from a position of being seated in heavenly places
-Praying from a position of abundance
-Jesus spat in the mud and prayed short prayers.
-Lets imitate Him!
-All of Him through all of us!
-Don't start our prayers from heaven and come down from that place by hearing others problem.
-Don't ask for the problem when praying for others. But ask what they need.
-Sympathy will lock up and compassion will pull people out of the problem.
-We don't want to hear the problem because we are going to be dragged down from the heavenly realm.
-Everyone comes with an expectation of how you are going to pray for them. What u are going to say, what verses and how you are going to say. So surprise them!
-Almost wanna surprise people who need prayer because he has had gotten prayer for 100 times.
-Find ways to shift his eyes off his problem.
-Jesus never told us to pray for the sick but to heal the sick.
-He is looking for some child like ness and absolute simplicity.
-Faith needs an action. Every miracle Jesus gave required an action.. Sometimes be
-Faith looks at what happened not what has not happened.
-Human tendency will always focus on what has not happened.
-The miracle happened on the cross.
-Once we see a little, give thanks and ask for more.
-Really important to stop and test it out. Most people don't because they don't really believe.
-If u can see it, you can have it.
-Don't see the problem larger than Jesus.
-The answer is not in the problem but in Jesus Christ.
-Be impress about Jesus and not the problem.
-God doesn't see the missing arm, He sees the arm that is missing.
-I don't care what the problem is.
-Take our eyes on the author and perfecter of faith.
-It doesn't mean u hear from God, u have to say it.
-Don't tell the person why he can't receive the problem, give him the solution.

Bethel Healing School - Session 3

Session 3. 8 Aug. 730pm

Developing a child like faith.
-doesn't try to work out how the miracles is going to happen.
-Luke 18:8 Jesus said "shall I really find faith on the earth?"
-Supernatural happens by childlike-ness.
-Our job is to believe that God is good at His job.

-Heb 12:2 "Jesus is the author and perfecter of faith" NOT our faith.

-Gal 2:16 "justified by the faith of Christ Jesus" not our faith.

1 Peter
-Grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus. Fix our eyes on Jesus.

-It wasn't our faith/muscle (it is the faith of Jesus) but it still requires effort on our part to co-labor with God.
-Illustration of a dad asking his kid to help him carry wood. Dad gives kid praise for helping eventhough Dad was the one doing the job.

Prayers don't heal, Jesus heals
Childlike-ness is faith that believes who He says He is. And that it is Him in us and us in Him and that He does His job well.

-Learn to co-labor with Jesus because He is so good at His job.
Staying in the place whereby we are in position to release heaven on earth.

-Secret- Be impress with Jesus and His nature. Don't worry about your faith.

-He makes us look like the genius.
-People who saw Jesus as healing never were concerned about their faith.

-We don't partner with problems and sickness BUT Jesus. Seeing Jesus in all natural

DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR FAITH. We have all got a measure of faith and all we need is a mustard seed faith.

When we look into Jesus' eyes, faith will arise.

Faith comes by hearing about Jesus (word of God) -By reading and seeing testimonies.

Darkness is not the problem it is just the absence of light.

Be impressed with the answer more than the problem. It is when we are more impress with the problem more than the answer.

He healed without exception!

Our Hands are loaded with God's kingdom to be brought on the lives of all around us!

Bethel Healing School - Session 2

Session 2. 8 Aug. 230pm

-We always should be mindful that we are walking under an open heaven because of what Jesus has done!

-Prophetic pictures are important as they remind us of what earth should look like as it is on heaven.

-Love is the ability to connect.
Jesus came to connect with our sin, sickness and every area of our lives.

People out there are waiting to meet God and we are the ones who carry that light!

Rom 12:2
"renewing of mind"
You can renew your mind to the Bible, but yet not to truth.
God's heart to connect is greater than it is to reject
God is willing to go to all way to connect.
Mercy triumphs over judgement.

1 Cor 11 - Communion
-Renew your mind without understanding the nature of God is not good.
-discerning the body is the key to bring healing to the people.

"Be holy because I am holy."

Take everything to the standard of Jesus.

We are all life giving sacrifices that we may prove the will of God to bring heaven down on earth!

Holiness is given not earned.

One of God's name is healing.

Jesus = 'I am willing'

Col 1:13 "delivered from power of darkness and into the kingdom of the Son of His love"

Power of darkness just hold you to see the kingdom of the Son of His love.

Look into heaven and push the limit.

Pushing till it happens based on a revelation of heaven.

There is an opposition.

Always got 2 choice: life or death. "Choose life in every situation"

Character is looking to Jesus no matter what happens.

Stay connected to the open heaven.

Some things don't just give in easy but no experience can negate our faith.

Force of Darkness = Lack and limitation

Technique doesn't matter. But knowing His goodness, my identity, His plan and "I am in Him and Him in me"
Jesus took on all the consequence of my sins.

Old Testament cries out for open heaven. While New says with open heaven, you are my beloved son/daughter, in whom I take pleasure in.

-God does not lead us into Satan's trap. He leads the enemy into His trap to destroy Him forever! (Example: Temptation of Jesus and the great flood)
-Jesus is the answer to all the temptations of the devil!
-Bring the atmosphere of heaven by remembering Who I am and whose I am.

"Repent" - change your mind.

Choose life instead of death in all situations

Be the body of Christ n open heaven to our culture!

It is God's delight to bring heaven on earth.

Importance on renewing mind: Flush unhealthy thoughts down the drain.

We don't find identity in our miracles. But we bring miracles because of our identity in Christ

Heaven's love language is to show miracles


Honor the person and not honor the sickness.

Release the peace and love of God.

Bethel Healing School - Session 1

Session 1. 8 Aug 13. 930

Are we hungry to experience more from God? Activate the gift that is in you.
-The more I see the more I want
-The more I feed, the more I want.
-The church cry out for things that we already have.
-Our lives should confront powerless Christianity
-The church has been doing what it can do on its own and thus not seeing supernatural things happen.
-Powerless Christianity should not be a part of a Christian's life.
-We should be sold out to go all out to get what Jesus Christ paid for.
-Experience doesn't create theology
But we should let theology create our experience.
-Heb 1:3, Jesus Christ is the exact representation of God the Father.
If we have seen Jesus, we have seen the Father. Jesus Christ is perfect theology.

How can u say that? How about Job? He was in the old covenant and he was in the question while Jesus is the answer.
-My experience is not my role model, it is Jesus.

Matt 6 - on prayer

-It is not just that Jesus is the light but that we are the light
-We don't reflect, we are the light.
-The kingdom of God lives within us and we are to bring it down on earth!

Walking in power
-Align ourselves with all Jesus has paid for!
-Healing is not based on performance or to gain favor from God.
-I heal because He loves us and not to earn His delight.
-Grace is opposed to earning but not against effort. examples - Zach climbed a tree to see Jesus, the woman pushed through the crowd to get to Jesus)
-The more i understand God's love for me the more I make the effort to serve Him.
-Impossibilities are there to bow its knee to Jesus.

-I am not a feeler, I am a believer!
-We pray from abundance not for abundance.
-Glory lives in you and wants out!
-Jesus told us to go and heal.
-Logic gets in a way of faith
-Don't try to figure how a miracles works because it is God's work.

Enemies of faith:
1. Logic. Angel shuts Zach's mouth.
2. Experience

Acts 12. Peter's release. Pray for something that already happen.

Arise and shine, glory of God has come.

When praying for others healing, don't work hard, just pray short simple prayers.
Let Him do the job well.

5 tumors
Autistic kid

We don't require another great anointed one to pray for us but we all have the power in us.

Do we have to prepare?
-Jesus healing the one he is
-It is not our work but His merit!
We don't need to prepare because we are already prepared.

Can we pray for ourselves?
-Hard to receive and pray at the same time.

Does unbelief hinder healing?
-Unbelief is not a hindrance because it goes to show that is bigger than Jesus.
-There is no roadblocks to healing.
-I carry my atmosphere and u carry yours. Don't succumb to others atmosphere of unbelief.

Does healing require anointing?
-1 John 2:22
-We are already anointed

Is there transferring of anointing?
-yes, handkerchief

Pray for anointing on others?
-yes, but just put more fire or oil on the anointing that is already in that person.

On sin:
Don't give people the law because it increases the power of sin.
1 Cor 15:56 - power of sin is the law.
U get holiness by preaching who I am and not who I am not. Rom 6:1.

"I am sinner saved by grace." Wrong.
We are brand new. 1 Cor 5:17.

It is not about the anointed man. It is about the God of anointing on man.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

What is faith?

Faith is having higher regard for God's opinions and thoughts than your own.

Actually, don't worry about your faith because Jesus is the author and finisher of the faith!

Monday, July 01, 2013

It is what you are saying that matters

NCC. JP. 30 June 13. Notes


There is a war going on for the minds of our younger people.

How did Newton discover gravity? By resting under a tree.
Story: newton bringing his friends to his showroom of the galaxies and telling them jokingly, "oh this all happened in a Big Bang"

If someone u love, don't love u back. Don't withdraw and less love because u will end up bitter. Love more with the love of The Lord and even pray for that person.

Mark 11:12-14
v.11 "They were come from Bethany, he was hungry"
"Bethany" - house of bitter. Jesus loved to go here which is the house of the poor and needy.

v.13 "seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves... He found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet."
-Jesus came to look for the first fruit of the tree.

v. 14 "No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever"

v.20-21 "fig tree dried up from the roots..."

The curse begin at the roots. So when we curse the root of turmoil and cancer, it might not happen immediately but know it begins at the root and will take time to show outward.

v.22-24 "Jesus answering... 'Have faith in God' whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed.. He shall believe that those things which he Say he shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he say... What things so ever you desire, when u pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them"

The creative power of God's words - "God spoke, God saw"
-We need to understand that we are made in the image of God so we have that potential as well!

Faith is manifested in the words we say.

The devil is against our voice boxes. It is a battle for words! The devil is the most afraid of our words.

As long as you are doing/performing, the devil is winning, as long as you are speaking, the devil is losing.

"The more you work, the less you say and the more you get stressed. The more you say, the less you work and the more you are at rest."

In Mark 11:23, Jesus used the word "say" 3x while "believe" 1x.
-it seems like it is more important as to what you say than what u believe at the start.

Don't be outward looking when we speak, just look upward!

Our normal first response is to say
"Die" but lets declare "life!"

Example stories of speaking before seeing:
1. David spoke to the Goliath
2. Joshua shouted at the walls of Jericho

2 Cor 4:13 "we having the same spirit of faith... We also believe and therefore speak;"

-we HAVE the faith and not need to get or earn.
-Negativity can spread - 10 spies story of Canaan but positivity as well - Jonathan and soldier who conquered troops!

"As Jesus is, so we are"
-As His powerful words are, so are ours.

Romans 10:4 "righteousness is by faith"

How to handle rejection?
Remember the reproaches of the world felt on Jesus at the cross.

Once you speak it, rest!

Rom 10:6 "the righteousness of faith speaks.."

-Say it till you believe it!
-believe it till you get it!

Lies the devil implants in our mind against the speaking the word of faith:
1. "I have to be more holy first before I can exercise this speaking power"
2. "I have to definitely be right in my motives!"
3. "I have to do it before I say it!"
Abraham-Even if it takes 30 years, it will happened
Rehab- Even by lying she got the blessing.

In Genesis,
God's creative work is speaking! He spoke and then did nothing but saw all he spoke!

Gal 3:12 "the law is not of faith"

You cannot use faith, when your belief system is wrong (performance centred living).

James 5:17-18
Elijah's earnest prayer wasn't a long prayer but a simple prayer to the Lord.

Example of stories of words:
1. Jewish school teacher n boy who agreed with his teacher that he was gonna live to 120.
2. One of the oldness Japanese man was interviewed and said, he never say he is tired!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Faith killer

The greatest faith killer is not sin, it is the law.
Gal 3:12 "law is not of faith"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jesus = Your Source

Your job is not your source. Jesus who is full of creativity and resource is your source!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Jesus = Super Hero

Jesus is our super hero, more powerful than any force in the universe - 2 Tim 1:9-10

Christianity = what Jesus has done

"Christianity is not about what would Jesus do, it is all about what Jesus has done."

Love = Forgiveness

Those who love God most are those who know they are forgiven most

Our weakness = God's strength

Our weakness is made perfect in His strength - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Jesus = Center

See not Jesus as 1st or a priority, see Him as the center of it all!

See Jesus in the center of all that comes your way and you will be amazed how you will complain less and welcome what life throws at you with arms wide open expecting God to provide.

Listen to "Jesus be the center" by Israel Houghton.

Jesus = Bible revelation

Jesus is the key to any bible revelation; not other means.

Right belief = Prosperity + Health

It is perfectly find to pray and expect prosperity and health in all areas of live - 3 John 1:2