Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 6

Session 6 (ministry). 9 Aug 13. 130pm.

-Create space for healing to happen in the church.
-Culture of taking risk. Not a performance based culture.
-Celebrate the person who is taking the risk to pray for another.
-Celebrate the risk taken and not the result.
-Take risk beyond seeing result
-We must be exposed to impossibles
-Look at how you can encourage yourself in every season, even though I fail.
-Don't be afraid to be stand people down.
-Go to the hospital with an attitude to serve and act according to their vision.
-Position of heart is more important than the words of prayer.
-Don't take power above honor in any place. First learn to serve.
-Ensure we are ministering life and love and we are not in a devil hunting.

What are a few things u would do when u are hired to be the healing minister?
-Make sure vision comes from the senior pastor.
-Create room for God to work.

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