Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 7

Session 7. 9 Aug 13. 230pm

Acts 10:38

Jesus never dealt with unanswered prayer because He has unlimited certainty that His prayer was always going to be answered.

Jesus never taught how to deal with unanswered prayer because He never had to deal with it.

What to do when one does not receive healing?
-Remember it is not about a man but THE man.
-It is impossible to pray without receiving an answer when we love.
-Love without power is boring and power without love is dangerous.

How not to be intellectual offended when u don't see the miracle?
-Learn to celebrate at the breakthrough of others.
-How we deal with disappointment now is how we are going to see greater things in the future.
-Good God with a good mode.
-Can't afford to get offended with God.
-Peace that surpasses understanding. Give up my right to understanding.
-The difference that makes a healing revivalist is if you are going to get up when u are knocked down.
-Remember it is not our burden so don't take it.
-Must get a greater revelation of who am i to you and I in you.

-Rather take a risk and fail than not take risk at all.

1. Ask for permission to pray
2. Bury
3. Grieve
4. Do not let myself get offended
5. Get back to the front line

Refuse to give up.

To go after all that Jesus Christ has paid for.

How to comfort someone who experienced lost?
-I don't know but I just do it is not the will of God.
-Love them, be there for them.

-Encourage them to get prayer again and at every opportunity they can. Always release life, hope and never ministering death and disappointment.

How to face disappointment when u pray and don't see?
-Don't put that person under condemnation or yourself.
-Leave the glory, failure and burden at the cross.
-Seek more. Go to the Father on your face and seek more understanding of the heart of the Father and his love for the people.

-It is ok if you don't believe because I do.

-Start a meeting by building faith. Speaking testimonies of Jesus

-Take people on the journey with Jesus and not jerk them up to your level.

How to get other's faith to rise?
-Understand we don't change their mind.
-Keep love and relationship on.

Key elements: power and love
When Peter and John met the lame man on the way, they healed Him in Jesus name.

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