Friday, August 09, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 2

Session 2. 8 Aug. 230pm

-We always should be mindful that we are walking under an open heaven because of what Jesus has done!

-Prophetic pictures are important as they remind us of what earth should look like as it is on heaven.

-Love is the ability to connect.
Jesus came to connect with our sin, sickness and every area of our lives.

People out there are waiting to meet God and we are the ones who carry that light!

Rom 12:2
"renewing of mind"
You can renew your mind to the Bible, but yet not to truth.
God's heart to connect is greater than it is to reject
God is willing to go to all way to connect.
Mercy triumphs over judgement.

1 Cor 11 - Communion
-Renew your mind without understanding the nature of God is not good.
-discerning the body is the key to bring healing to the people.

"Be holy because I am holy."

Take everything to the standard of Jesus.

We are all life giving sacrifices that we may prove the will of God to bring heaven down on earth!

Holiness is given not earned.

One of God's name is healing.

Jesus = 'I am willing'

Col 1:13 "delivered from power of darkness and into the kingdom of the Son of His love"

Power of darkness just hold you to see the kingdom of the Son of His love.

Look into heaven and push the limit.

Pushing till it happens based on a revelation of heaven.

There is an opposition.

Always got 2 choice: life or death. "Choose life in every situation"

Character is looking to Jesus no matter what happens.

Stay connected to the open heaven.

Some things don't just give in easy but no experience can negate our faith.

Force of Darkness = Lack and limitation

Technique doesn't matter. But knowing His goodness, my identity, His plan and "I am in Him and Him in me"
Jesus took on all the consequence of my sins.

Old Testament cries out for open heaven. While New says with open heaven, you are my beloved son/daughter, in whom I take pleasure in.

-God does not lead us into Satan's trap. He leads the enemy into His trap to destroy Him forever! (Example: Temptation of Jesus and the great flood)
-Jesus is the answer to all the temptations of the devil!
-Bring the atmosphere of heaven by remembering Who I am and whose I am.

"Repent" - change your mind.

Choose life instead of death in all situations

Be the body of Christ n open heaven to our culture!

It is God's delight to bring heaven on earth.

Importance on renewing mind: Flush unhealthy thoughts down the drain.

We don't find identity in our miracles. But we bring miracles because of our identity in Christ

Heaven's love language is to show miracles


Honor the person and not honor the sickness.

Release the peace and love of God.

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