Friday, August 09, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 1

Session 1. 8 Aug 13. 930

Are we hungry to experience more from God? Activate the gift that is in you.
-The more I see the more I want
-The more I feed, the more I want.
-The church cry out for things that we already have.
-Our lives should confront powerless Christianity
-The church has been doing what it can do on its own and thus not seeing supernatural things happen.
-Powerless Christianity should not be a part of a Christian's life.
-We should be sold out to go all out to get what Jesus Christ paid for.
-Experience doesn't create theology
But we should let theology create our experience.
-Heb 1:3, Jesus Christ is the exact representation of God the Father.
If we have seen Jesus, we have seen the Father. Jesus Christ is perfect theology.

How can u say that? How about Job? He was in the old covenant and he was in the question while Jesus is the answer.
-My experience is not my role model, it is Jesus.

Matt 6 - on prayer

-It is not just that Jesus is the light but that we are the light
-We don't reflect, we are the light.
-The kingdom of God lives within us and we are to bring it down on earth!

Walking in power
-Align ourselves with all Jesus has paid for!
-Healing is not based on performance or to gain favor from God.
-I heal because He loves us and not to earn His delight.
-Grace is opposed to earning but not against effort. examples - Zach climbed a tree to see Jesus, the woman pushed through the crowd to get to Jesus)
-The more i understand God's love for me the more I make the effort to serve Him.
-Impossibilities are there to bow its knee to Jesus.

-I am not a feeler, I am a believer!
-We pray from abundance not for abundance.
-Glory lives in you and wants out!
-Jesus told us to go and heal.
-Logic gets in a way of faith
-Don't try to figure how a miracles works because it is God's work.

Enemies of faith:
1. Logic. Angel shuts Zach's mouth.
2. Experience

Acts 12. Peter's release. Pray for something that already happen.

Arise and shine, glory of God has come.

When praying for others healing, don't work hard, just pray short simple prayers.
Let Him do the job well.

5 tumors
Autistic kid

We don't require another great anointed one to pray for us but we all have the power in us.

Do we have to prepare?
-Jesus healing the one he is
-It is not our work but His merit!
We don't need to prepare because we are already prepared.

Can we pray for ourselves?
-Hard to receive and pray at the same time.

Does unbelief hinder healing?
-Unbelief is not a hindrance because it goes to show that is bigger than Jesus.
-There is no roadblocks to healing.
-I carry my atmosphere and u carry yours. Don't succumb to others atmosphere of unbelief.

Does healing require anointing?
-1 John 2:22
-We are already anointed

Is there transferring of anointing?
-yes, handkerchief

Pray for anointing on others?
-yes, but just put more fire or oil on the anointing that is already in that person.

On sin:
Don't give people the law because it increases the power of sin.
1 Cor 15:56 - power of sin is the law.
U get holiness by preaching who I am and not who I am not. Rom 6:1.

"I am sinner saved by grace." Wrong.
We are brand new. 1 Cor 5:17.

It is not about the anointed man. It is about the God of anointing on man.

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