Friday, August 09, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 3

Session 3. 8 Aug. 730pm

Developing a child like faith.
-doesn't try to work out how the miracles is going to happen.
-Luke 18:8 Jesus said "shall I really find faith on the earth?"
-Supernatural happens by childlike-ness.
-Our job is to believe that God is good at His job.

-Heb 12:2 "Jesus is the author and perfecter of faith" NOT our faith.

-Gal 2:16 "justified by the faith of Christ Jesus" not our faith.

1 Peter
-Grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus. Fix our eyes on Jesus.

-It wasn't our faith/muscle (it is the faith of Jesus) but it still requires effort on our part to co-labor with God.
-Illustration of a dad asking his kid to help him carry wood. Dad gives kid praise for helping eventhough Dad was the one doing the job.

Prayers don't heal, Jesus heals
Childlike-ness is faith that believes who He says He is. And that it is Him in us and us in Him and that He does His job well.

-Learn to co-labor with Jesus because He is so good at His job.
Staying in the place whereby we are in position to release heaven on earth.

-Secret- Be impress with Jesus and His nature. Don't worry about your faith.

-He makes us look like the genius.
-People who saw Jesus as healing never were concerned about their faith.

-We don't partner with problems and sickness BUT Jesus. Seeing Jesus in all natural

DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR FAITH. We have all got a measure of faith and all we need is a mustard seed faith.

When we look into Jesus' eyes, faith will arise.

Faith comes by hearing about Jesus (word of God) -By reading and seeing testimonies.

Darkness is not the problem it is just the absence of light.

Be impressed with the answer more than the problem. It is when we are more impress with the problem more than the answer.

He healed without exception!

Our Hands are loaded with God's kingdom to be brought on the lives of all around us!

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