Friday, August 09, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 4.

Session 4. 9 Aug 13. 930am

Practical prayer:

-Seeing people stayed heal. Keeping your healing.

Praying from heaven to earth
-Praying from a position of being seated in heavenly places
-Praying from a position of abundance
-Jesus spat in the mud and prayed short prayers.
-Lets imitate Him!
-All of Him through all of us!
-Don't start our prayers from heaven and come down from that place by hearing others problem.
-Don't ask for the problem when praying for others. But ask what they need.
-Sympathy will lock up and compassion will pull people out of the problem.
-We don't want to hear the problem because we are going to be dragged down from the heavenly realm.
-Everyone comes with an expectation of how you are going to pray for them. What u are going to say, what verses and how you are going to say. So surprise them!
-Almost wanna surprise people who need prayer because he has had gotten prayer for 100 times.
-Find ways to shift his eyes off his problem.
-Jesus never told us to pray for the sick but to heal the sick.
-He is looking for some child like ness and absolute simplicity.
-Faith needs an action. Every miracle Jesus gave required an action.. Sometimes be
-Faith looks at what happened not what has not happened.
-Human tendency will always focus on what has not happened.
-The miracle happened on the cross.
-Once we see a little, give thanks and ask for more.
-Really important to stop and test it out. Most people don't because they don't really believe.
-If u can see it, you can have it.
-Don't see the problem larger than Jesus.
-The answer is not in the problem but in Jesus Christ.
-Be impress about Jesus and not the problem.
-God doesn't see the missing arm, He sees the arm that is missing.
-I don't care what the problem is.
-Take our eyes on the author and perfecter of faith.
-It doesn't mean u hear from God, u have to say it.
-Don't tell the person why he can't receive the problem, give him the solution.

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