Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bethel Healing School - Session 11

Session 11. Chris Gore. 10 Aug 13. 230pm.

Lessons from Chris Gore's journey of faith:
-Don't serve for God's love or try to earn God's love.
-God does not need us
-When we quit, God start to flow.
-Frustration and desperation doesn't lead you to fruitfulness. But it brings you to the end of yourself which will help u into fruitfulness.
-Power of stewardship. Steward of what God has given us well.
-Grace is free but the kingdom will cost you everything
On giving - Luke 6:38 "give and it shall be given to you more than you have ever gotten"

1 John 2:22
-We all already have the anointing of Jesus on us
-Impartation is putting some more gasoline on the fire that we got.

Impartation by laying of hands:
Matt 19:13 - laying on child
Mark 16:18 - impartation by laying
Acts 13:1-13 - commission by laying
Acts 19:11-12 - tangible and transferable
1 Tim 4:14 - ordination
Rom 1:11-12 - impart some spiritual gift

-Don't limit impartation to be just laying on hands.
-Learn to be humble to receive impartation from giants or people of more power

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