Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jesus, let's go!

Personal Sunday Notes - 29 June 2014

It doesn't mean that if you feel bad that it is going to be a bad day. Don't let your feelings bully you. Say, "this is the day The Lord has made, I will rejoice n be glad in it... Jesus, let's go!"

The ability to interpret is wisdom! Learn to say no to temptation as it gives u wisdom for the future.

Acts 14:9
A pure heart comes by faith not good works

God wants us to experience a good and rich life but what to do when we face troubles?
-Rom 5:3-4
We can glory in troubles, knowing that it produces perseverance, character and hope.
The Gospel produces perseverance and character
Especially in marriage! 

Rom 5:5 
-Introduction of the love of God and Holy Spirit for the first time
Only when u understand Christ's finished work for you that you can truly understand the love of God and the Holy Spirit's work in you

Introspection is dangerous but all of us do it. The devil is always going to come and try to make you feel bad and lousy about yourself and day. Let it go and God will take hold! 

1 John 4:17
"As Jesus is, so am I in this world"
-When we are fearful, ask if Jesus is experiencing any fear right now at the right hand of the father; if He is not. Then look to Him and experience no fear as well! 

Rom 5:5 "hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit"
-The world teaches you to always not set your hopes high because it will lead to disappointment.
- But be careful when u are conscious of God's love for you because the things that you hope will not disappoint you.

Spiritual growth is not seen by how strong you feel but seen as you see your weakness more and more and see Christ more and more as your righteousness and strength! 

Whatever life throws at you, be able to say confidently "Jesus, let's go!"

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